Lite Brix Lite Up Fire Station

I was really excited to win this YouReview opportunity since my 7-year-old son actually had this set on his Christmas list. Needless to say, he was very excited to get home from school a couple of weeks ago and see me holding the box in my hand and telling him we were going to put it together and test it out. My 4-year-old helped also, by sorting the different-sized blocks into different piles and handing me the ones I needed. I set my timer, after we were done sorting the pieces, so I could get an idea of how long it took to build.

My first impression was that the instruction booklet was not really very good. It does not tell you how many of each sized block you have, like other brands do. The pictures are small and have too many steps in one photo to keep track of (for me). Different parts of this set came in separate plastic bags. I assumed that these bags included all the parts for the particular item. They don’t, and I ended up short on parts because I really struggled reading the instructions.

The obvious selling point of this building set is the fact that it lights up. The blocks that light up do not actually lock onto the other blocks firmly; they kind of sit on them. So, they kept falling off. It was very frustrating. We didn’t build the Fire Station exactly like it was supposed to be. The reason for that is because I couldn’t tell which pieces I was supposed to be using for different parts. They have mostly clear pieces with a few smoky gray pieces, but no differentiation about which ones you are supposed to use. I didn’t have enough to build the fire truck at the end. There were no steps to build the little guy either. My son got very frustrated with trying to get his legs on, but it ended up he needed another piece. I was finally able to figure it out. Oh, and build on a hard/flat surface because carpet does not work.

All of that being said, the way it lights up is awesome! The colors are brilliant. My kids still had lots of fun playing with it, even though it wasn’t built the way it was intended and it took me almost two hours to build just the fire station. I would suggest building the fire truck first so you don’t have to worry about running out of pieces for it.

The set encourages teamwork, sorting, and eye-hand coordination-all important things! The age on the box says 6+, but I would think that is only with an adult’s assistance because I still struggled. I think this is a fun family project, especially if you enjoy building sets.


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