Princess Carriage

What it is?

The Princess Carriage is the unique, 3 dimensional corrugated wearable toy that engages your child to design, color, use her imagination, and even wear it. It is a fun, activity wearable cardboard Princess Carriage which you with your family and kid can decorate, color and assemble. The Carriage is divided into several parts which you need to build after you color them or you can build them first and color later. I recommend to color first and construct after. The best part is after you construct, the child can easily wear it and have her own fantasy carriage. It is a product that stimulates young imaginations on many levels!

Why it’s Fun?

It is fun because it engages you with your child to develop a whole carriage from coloring to assembling and having a feeling of achievement. Being proud you made your own carriage all by yourself. It encourages the child as well as the parent to get involved and create it while having fun with colors.

Who it’s for?

The Princess Carriage is for ages 5 and up.

What to be aware of?

It takes a little while to color the whole carriage. Colors or decorations are not included. You need patience while constructing it. It takes around 15-25 minutes to construct the wearable.


What do you think about Princess Carriage?

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