The Amazing Spider-Man Electronic Ball Blaster

Let me start by saying this game is awesome! My kids and I played it for over an hour before taking a break. Very fun and doubles as a workout for the kids since they are chasing the balls everywhere when they bounce off. Lots of laughing and cheering each other on.

Pros: Lots of fun. Blaster is well made, shoots great and easy to load even for the younger kids. Great game for working on hand eye coordination. Fun sound effects when you get the ball in the hole. Well made. Spider-Man graphic is top notch. Looks nice hanging on the wall. Fantastic family game.

Cons: It does take a bit to assemble. It took roughly 30 minutes without using the wall mount. The hang strap can be a bit odd for some doors, if you run into problems, try another door, and it might work better. Getting the back sheet on is difficult. The biggest hassle was the reinforcement tabs on the back of the target sheet.

Tips: Have a screwdriver handy and, of course, with most toy assembly, bring lots of patience. There are sticky things on the back of the reinforcement tabs that need to be removed. While playing, I would shut the dogs in a different room, this game made our dogs crazy and the small balls could be a swallowing hazard. Make sure the kids understand pointing a gun at people or animals is bad even if it is a toy. Although the foam balls might not hurt very much, they could still leave a mark and it is not alright.

All in all, once you get past the assembly part, this game is great. I highly recommend it.


What do you think about The Amazing Spider-Man Electronic Ball Blaster?

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