The Walking Dead Zombie Hunter Video Game

My 16 yr old was the tester and she said it was fun because when you lost, it did not bring you to the very start of the game, but to a few steps before you died. It made it more likable for her to continue playing and NOT get discouraged because she did not have to start over. The aiming was easy to do and it both tested her and made it fun for her. The game would definitely be for ages 12 and older.

The game was VERY easy to set up, it requires only the tv to plug the gun into but we both found it annoying that it required two different types of batteries to run, and seven batteries in total (Which could make it an expensive game if they aren’t rechargeable). That was the only thing to actually be aware of, that if you buy this, you need to be buying batteries as well. The graphics aren’t the best and my daughter compared it to watching one of those really old horror movies (she’s 16 so old to her might be the 80’s)...she kept saying it was fun though.


What do you think about The Walking Dead Zombie Hunter Video Game?

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