Twister Dance

My girls give Twister Dance by Hasbro 5 stars in all 3 categories!

Assembly was super easy just snap the game into the base and your ready to play. I applaud Hasbro’s effort to minimize packaging. I love the new plastic parts used to secure the toy much easier than the silver wires used previously.

Twister was a favorite of mine as a kid so I was anxious to play Twister dance with my kids. The preloaded songs along with the 3 levels of play were enough to keep my kids content and happy playing for several hours without arguing. We had lots of laughs and the kids were able to get out some pent up energy while having fun. The best of both worlds for this mom.

My girls and I were amazed at the technology provided by Twister Dance. Simply plug in your own MP3 player to sync the beats of the music with the lights on Twister Dance. My girls were dancing and grooving to age appropriate songs! Twister Dance is well worth the money and will be used by my girls for a long time to come! We are excited to have a slumber party and let the girls have a Twister Dance off!

We posted this video to youtube of the girls 1st attempt at Twister Dance!


What do you think about Twister Dance?

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