We recently had the opportunity to review CatRatBatSplat, a Pressman Toy. CatRatBatSplat is a “Frenzied fun giant dice game where everyone’s a player on every turn.” The game itself only consists of 3 parts, and that’s including the box! 4 oversized dice, a deck of cards, and well... The box! The “rules” of the game are really quite simple. Each player gets 6 cards, one player rolls the four oversized dice and they see what combination of cats, rats, bats and splats come up. Then look at your six cards to see if any of them have the combination that was rolled. If you have the right card—act fast! Throw it down and call out the combination as you try to be the first player to get rid of all your cards and win.

Mom really loves this game because it’s simple. It doesn’t come with a million parts that are going to eventually get lost, and the parts that it does have won’t leave me cursing in pain when my kids inevitably leave them on the floor for me to step on during late night groggy trips to the bathroom. Another thing we really liked about this game is that it’s really open for imagination! My 4 year old was not only able to play (and enjoy) it according to the “rules” but he was also able to easily create his own games such as counting how many rolls it takes to make all 4 dice match, and so fourth. It was really fun for all of us!

The box says that this game is for two or more players, aged 6 and up, however my son is 4 and he played it and understood the “rules” without any problems. Even my youngest who is just shy of 3 years old, albeit slow, was able to roll the dice and match the pictures on the dice to the pictures on her cards.

Our complaints about this game are few, and only relate to the dice themselves. The graphics on the dice are affixed with stickers as opposed to being printed directly on them. The stickers are also slightly larger than the dice itself which leaves a little overlap with the stickers. This likely isn’t a problem if you don’t have small children in your home, however I caught the smallest kid trying to pick them off the second she got ahold of them! Another issue with the dice is that they seem to have a two piece construction and if you look closely you can actually notice a crack throughout which leads me to believe that they might break easily with time or if one gets accidentally stepped on (or more likely thrown across the room!). Our last complaint is that there is one blank space on the dice that doesn’t have a Cat, Bat, Rat, or Splat on it. The instructions don’t indicate what happens if you land on a blank space, and it was kind of awkward when the blanks rolled up. Being as there’s 4 characters to land on, it would be better there was an additional character on the dice. Other than our dice complaint, this was a well loved game in our house and the kids have been asking to play it every single day since we got it!

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