Splat X Smack Shot

I was sent the Splat X Smack Shot to review. It is a slingshot type launcher for ages 8+. It was very easy to remove from the packaging with a few snips and came with batteries. The launcher itself is well made, it lights up, and is easy to hold for adults and kids.

The ammo comes in two types, gummi (sticky) or regular. You hook the two ends of the ammo on the two notches of the launcher and pull back to shoot. The orange ammo launches fantastic and can go for a very long distance. The sticky ammo had a problem launching because it stuck to the top notch every time. We were never able to get it to fly or to stick.

I think it is a very fun toy, and you cannot go wrong with the low price. However, be aware that this is a toy that launches things and could hurt someone. Younger kids would need parental supervision. I would not use this around some pets, the ammo is a bit small and may be easy to swallow for larger dogs. Shooting the regular ammo outside is a bit tricky when it comes to finding it. You may need to buy a few extra sets.

All in all, I would say this is a really fun toy. My son enjoyed it and was able to shoot the regular ammo without much help. Personally, I think I enjoyed it even more. Great toy for the price.


What do you think about Splat X Smack Shot?

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