Out Of This World Dolls and Stardoor

We were very excited to receive the Out Of This World Dolls and Stardoor to review. The dolls we received were Astra and Gigi. Each doll has her own unique feature when you press the button on the front. In this case, Astra lights up and has musical chimes, while Gigi shakes and giggles. The stardoor, when the dolls are placed inside it, lights up, plays music, and recognizes which doll you have placed within. The package recommends these dolls for ages 4 and up, however, having 5 daughters under 12, I was very interested in seeing what each one thought of them.

Each of my girls was very excited to play with these dolls (so much so that we will need to buy more so that each child has her own) and each one liked something different about them. My 3.5 year old, 5 year old, and 7 year old probably got the most out of them. Their favorite feature was the button. Over and over and over again I heard giggling and chimes and music. After a while, they turned to imaginative play. First Astra entered the stardoor, which happens to look very similar to a rocket ship in shape. Once the stardoor announced that it was Astra, she blasted off on an adventure to space with Gigi yelling behind her that she wanted a turn as well.

My older two girls, ages 9 and 11, were only mildly interested in playing with the dolls. Instead, after pushing each dolls button and inserting them into the stardoor, they began looking at the back of the box to see what other dolls were available to collect. The imaginative play seemed to be gone for them and the stardoor seemed more of a stage for each doll to take in a fashion show. Again, it seems we need more dolls.

As for me, I enjoyed watching the imagination take flight in my younger girls. I would say the best ages for these dolls are 4-7 year olds. If you have a child who likes to collect sets of toys this would also be great for them. There was also a down side to these dolls. Although providing hours of fun for kids, the noises the dolls make can be rather not so fun for parents. Also each doll has only one or two sounds that it makes. Astra had 2 different chiming sounds with lights while Gigi simply giggled and shook. The stardoor simply makes one musical sound and lights up before announcing the doll’s name. However, with a little imagination, these are great dolls for Out Of this World Fun!!


What do you think about Out Of This World Dolls and Stardoor?

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