La Dee Da Fashion City Girl Doll

The La Dee Da Fashion City Girl Doll has moveable legs and arms, so you can move her in any position that you want. Her outfit looks very nice and cool since it is based on New York City. Her hair is very pretty with both the brown and red coloring, also with pieces that sparkle in the light. Even her hair is fun to play with, since you can have it either up or down.

It is also fun to play with her clothes; you can dress her up in the same dress all while in different styles. The bow and flower are a nice touch, but when you try and take the bow out it messes her hair up meaning you have to brush it again to make it look nice. With a small rubber band, you can place her hair up in a ponytail, or any other hair design. There are some small parts like the bow, flower, shoes and earrings – but other than that, there is nothing else to be aware about. I would say that kids six and up should be the age to play with this doll.


What do you think about La Dee Da Fashion City Girl Doll?

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