Rubik’s Sort & Solve Puzzle

We received the Rubik’s Sort & Solve Puzzle toy to review. Once I opened the package it caught my twins attention right away. My twins are 3 years old and the toy is perfect for that age. I unpacked the Rubik’s Sort & Solve Puzzle and put the top of the toy on and they were eager to begin to play with it. I gave them each some shape pieces so they could figure out where they belonged. They had fun taking turns and helping each other out looking for the correct color and spot. Once they were finished finding all the shapes they started rolling the toy to each other.

The Rubik’s Sort & Solve Puzzle certainly did entertain them for quite some time. It was very fun for them. I liked that when you pushed all the pieces in they would stay inside the toy. Great for an easy clean up. When they wanted to play again, I showed them how to take the top off to get the pieces from inside. This toy is very educational too – as they looked for the pieces they were saying all the colors they saw. Now its time for me to teach them the names of all of the shapes. I did not find anything wrong with the game. My family all gave it two thumbs up!

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