Bionic Blox

I was excited to explore the Bionic Blox with my oldest son. Growing up, I remember playing with building toys like Legos and Tinker Toys. Toys that allow kids to “imagine, invent, and inspire” just like their packaging says are great. I want my children to grow up to be creative and smart and not just hooked up to technology 24-7. The 50-piece kit sells for around $24.99.

The product is designed for ages 3-12 and I can definitely see why. Some pieces were stuck together in the packaging and my 5 year old couldn’t get them apart by himself. Then when he went to take apart his masterpiece, he really struggled.

The 50-piece kit came with wood pieces that were all the same size. The plastic connectors are all the same design as well but offer different colors. The one kit is nice to play around with, but for children to “build stable, durable structures as big as they are” as the packaging states, it would take more pieces.

The product itself seems very durable and holds together well when assembled. However, it would be nice to have some more variety in pieces and connectors. Even though the connectors have multiple places to insert the wood pieces, you can really only build things at right angles.

This product is made in the USA, and the idea of creating young architects and engineers is good. You do learn how to properly design and build a structure that will hold up based on angles. However, I would like to see more options for blocks and connectors so you could truly build anything. In order to truly create any design I wanted, I would look to other building products currently on the market.

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