Camp Travel Edition

I was wondering when I opened the game, how could it include 4 year old children and adults? I was pleasantly surprised. What a unique way to incorporate the many ages that could play this game. I did not have any children around to play this at the time, but I did have my 22 year old son, my brother, and my husband try it out.

We all found out that it was a very fun way of learning and that we did not know as much as we thought we did about the world out there, but we did learn some new things. The game pieces are very durable, it set up well and was very easy to use. If playing with younger children or players that can not read yet, there will need to be someone that can read in order for them to play. Also, you must learn to be careful not to break the spinner used to determine moves since it is made out of thin cardboard – but is attached to the game board. The case the game is contained in is very well constructed and the game board attached inside is great. It is also nice how everything fits nicely and easily inside.

I do have one negative comment about this game. The answers are coded down the side of the question cards and there is a decoder disc attached to the side of the game. However, the answer letters need to be just a bit darker. They were very hard to see under the decoder. Otherwise I would give this game a complete score of 8 out of one to ten. We had fun with it and I will keep it with all my other games and toys for when I have grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and friends with children over.


What do you think about Camp Travel Edition?

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