The Magic School Bus Attracted to Magnificent Magnets Playset

What it is:

The Magic School Bus Attracted to Magnificent Magnets Playset is a boxed set including an experiment book and some of the supplies necessary to perform them.

Why it’s fun:

My children enjoyed using the magnets to push and pull the car around the included race track. They were also intrigued by the lodestone and like using it to see what would stick to it like a magnet.

Who it’s for:

The box recommends ages 5+. I’m sure this is mainly for safety reasons due to possible hazards caused by smaller children ingesting the magnets, iron filings, etc. included. However, with supervision, younger children are able to enjoy much of this set as well.

What to be aware of:

As mentioned, several of the items included in the set (lodestone, magnets & iron filings, etc) need to be used cautiously and with supervision with younger children. If you’re child is already comfortable with magnets, this set may be too elementary. Also, there are many experiments that call for additional materials to complete them, so this isn’t an “all-inclusive” kit. Some of the items they included seemed a bit ridiculous (a drinking straw, a single paper clip, etc). Besides the car, the kit basically contains two magnets, lodestone and iron filings. Truthfully, this would have been better marketed as an experiment book including a magnet rather than an activity box.


What do you think about The Magic School Bus Attracted to Magnificent Magnets Playset?

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