My Birthday Party Baby Ariel

In our house, princesses rule. We love anything Disney Princess. This includes the Baby Ariel doll. My 4 year old protects this doll and will not share with anyone else. Her favorite part is the removable tiara. I like that Ariel is dressed for the party, and you can’t remove the dress. I also like that she requires no batteries. Ariel’s body is soft, and her arms, legs and head are hard. We have to remind our kids that Ariel does not go into the bathtub and that she needs to stay clean because she would not machine wash very well.

It is a very nice baby doll, and I would give one as a present to another child. I would guess a good age range for this doll would be 2-6. If you have a child who likes to be the “Mommy”, they would enjoy this baby doll.

Ariel is really adorable and is very easy to keep the simple accessories together. It comes with a Flounder figure, a bib, blank birthday card, gift box, and cupcake. The cupcake fits nicely in the gift box and there have been several fights in our household about which child’s doll is going to have a birthday. This set is a wonderful addition to any Princess’s baby doll collection.

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