Matchbox Big Boots Dino Chopper

The Matchbox Big Boots Dino Chopper is aimed mostly towards children aged 3 years and up as there are small parts included with the toy. Not only do you get a great-looking, dinosaur safari themed helicopter; but Matchbox also includes three Big Boots characters and assorted tools for them to use. It is highly recommended that parents thoroughly read the instructions in order to discover all the fun, but not obvious, functions of the chopper! Very minimal assembly is required.


Dinosaurs, projectiles, helicopter: What little boy (or girl) could ask for more? There are so many different functions! Pop open the cockpit: Big Boots and a friend can fly the chopper. Aim your front loaded missile and press a tiny button to shoot: Looks like it’s dinosaur for dinner tonight! Lift open the top hatch and slide a couple men in: simply slide the top “fin” of the chopper’s tail to drop them to the ground ready to explore a Jurassic jungle.

Open the side compartments and put the handle for the zip-line into Big Boot’s hand and close the compartment shut: Now just pull the trigger and Big Boots safely drops from the chopper for an airborne rescue! Wind the zip-line back up by rotating the chopper’s blades and it’s ready to go again. Since the chopper includes a handle, with a trigger conveniently placed, attached to the bottom of its tail, your child can use almost all the functions with just one hand and minimal setup time.


For the environmentally conscious parent, the minimal packaging is a great first impression. For the parents that like peace and quiet, Matchbox has done an amazing job at creating a toy that will keep kids entertained without a bunch of noise and flashing lights. That’s right, you don’t need batteries, and I swear your children will be entertained for hours!

There are multiple spots to store the three characters that are included. All these spots are easy to access. This allows parents the opportunity to buy more Big Boots characters without worrying about finding them all over the floor!


Taylor, 8 years, says his favorite part is shooting the missile. He says making the ziplines wind up better would make this toy even more fun!

Jordyn, 10 years, says her favorite part is dropping the Big Boots from the top hatch. She says making the side compartment doors open easier [one of them kept sticking] would make this toy even more fun!

Hailey, 10 months, says her favorite part is Weeeeeee! She says Dada would make this toy even more fun!


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