Take It Easel

The Take It Easel is by far one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Within five minutes of opening it, my two year old son already had the board full of doodles. I love how it pops up into the triangle that allows him to decide which he wants to color on. I think the fact that you can also put paper in it like a real easel is awesome.

On top of the adorably and creative named markers, the compartment can hold pretty much all of my sons art stuff including his crayons, paper, paints, and stickers. For me however; it’s a bit hard to get it out of the triangle position. Other than that, this is the perfect activity for a child to have because they can use it pretty much everywhere even on long trips in the car. I am going to recommend this toy to all the moms I know.


What do you think about Take It Easel?

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