Fruit Ninja’s Watermelon Clip, NASCAR Full Blast Pull Back Car, and the Rock N Learn DVD

I am a mother of four, an educator and a grandmother. So when I won several prizes from Time to Play’s “Real Parents’/Real Reviews” contest, I was delighted to be able to participate in reviewing these items below.

1.) The Fruit Ninja’s “Watermelon” clip on is “way cool” according to my 3 1/2 year old grandson, as it is recommended for children aged 3-6. I found it to be very colorful as well as durable (soft exterior) when we tested it by throwing it back and forth in a quick game of catch the watermelon. The actual clip is sturdy enough to clip the “fruit ninja” to say your child’s back pack for the up and coming school year. I would recommend this item for anyone who is a fruit lover or anyone looking to stay juicy! The recommended website is also educational and fun to check out with your kids.

2.) The NASCAR Full Blast Pull Back Car is a harder toy to keep on hand. I’d definitely caution parents to observe their child while playing with this item. It is colorful which definitely appeals to a child’s imagination and sense of fun. However this car does contain small parts which may in some cases cause a choking hazard. In my opinion, I’d retire this one to a shelf as a “collectible” or just a “look at” toy until age 4 at least so the child does not try to put the car in their mouth or a light socket. Recommended for children ages 4 and older.

3.) The Rock ‘N Learn DVD is a fun experience between parent and child. It is especially great for those little ones beginning to read or starting to show an interest in reading. Its use of phonics is right on target for those ages 4-7. Its constant use of engaging characters and fun material truly helps kids learn the developmental skills to later become competent readers. The use of phonics is reiterated throughout which is an excellent practice strategy and is done by none other than a funny on-screen mouth to show how to form the sounds. Some of the exercises are timed which encourages a child’s sense of competition which in this case is to beat the clock to pronounce the letter sounds correctly before hearing the final answers. This DVD encourages learners to play several on-screen games, and it is a great technique to solidify the child’s understanding of letter-sound associations that later will help them to read and spell. I am recommending this DVD for ages 4 and up for its entertainment and educational value.


What do you think about Fruit Ninja’s Watermelon Clip, NASCAR Full Blast Pull Back Car, and the Rock N Learn DVD?

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