Banzai Spray N Splash Giraffe Pool

We received the Banzai Spray ‘N Splash Giraffe pool and were super excited to try it out! I have two kids, one 15 months and one 3 years. It looked perfect for the two of them. However, it is not big enough for any additional kids!

It was super easy to blow up and put together, but the slide is poorly designed. It attaches with two strings, which are supposed to be attached before the pool is filled. We followed the directions but the slide was still very wobbly and unsafe for my 15 month-old. It also takes up a good portion of the pool which left not much room to play in. We decided to take the slide out and just play in the pool itself. It has a great design on it that my kids love. The giraffe is cute, but the squirter isn’t the greatest either since it sprays directly downward. It would be much better if it squirted out of the giraffe’s head upward, rather than down into the pool. I thought it was going to be more like a sprinkler head, but it wasn’t.

The pool does have a drain which is nice. I have had blow-up pools in the past and they always get holes in them. I’m hoping this one lasts but haven’t had it long enough to tell yet. There is a repair patch, but those never seem to work either. Overall, I am not too impressed with this product.


What do you think about Banzai Spray N Splash Giraffe Pool?

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