Blunders: “We Make Learning Manners Fun!” Teaching your children about manners? At first I was skeptical about the fun value of this game, but my concerns were soon allayed. This game is intended for ages 5+. My husband and I played with our 4 year old with much success – with our assistance, of course. Joining us was an 8 year old neighbour who is a big fan of games as well. The general idea behind this game is to teach children about manners and social etiquette in a fun way.

The game play is simple: roll the dice, and answer a question on the corresponding colour card to advance the various Blunder family members, Becky, Bobby, Brenda, and Billy, along the board. There are 4 types of questions: charades, multiple choice, true/false and scenarios. Some of the topics on the card include proper table manners, bullying, telephone etiquette and respect for others.

We’ve found that some educational games are lacking in the fun factor, but this game seemed to do a good job of keeping the kids engaged. Given the age of my son, I spent a fair bit of time explaining the game and the questions, as well as being quite animated to raise his excitement level when reading the enclosed booklet that describes the family. This seemed to do the trick. For both children, I also accepted answers that were “close” to the answer on the back of the card (for those questions that weren’t true/false or multiple choice) as I think it would be discouraging to only expect them to answer exactly as written. The charades cards were among my son’s favourites as he got to act out his answer. Another hit was the multiple choice cards as inevitably one of the responses on the card was hilariously wrong. Big giggles resulted from that – especially from the 8 year old.

As my son grows, I can see how this game could encourage valuable discussions around topics such as bullying and social responsibility. I could definitely see the wheels turning in the 8 year old’s head for certain questions. I also think this game would be a valuable tool in a school environment as it could easily be adapted for team play. This is absolutely an original game that is fun while being educational. I would recommend it.

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