Handstand Kids Cookbook Series

The Handstand Kids cook book series offers our children the opportunity to whip up tasty dishes from different countries, provides a fun introduction to other languages and shows how to take cooking skills and use them to help make the world a better place. Brilliant!

Handstand Kids Chinese CookbookThe Handstand Kids Italian Cookbook comes in an eye catching "pizza box" and includes the tradition puffy white chef's hat. My daughter now wears the hat every time we cook. The book nicely lists the utensils and ingredients in both English and Italian. The difficulty levels of the recipes are indicated cleverly by the number of garlic cloves at the top of each page. The easiest recipes are marked with one garlic clove indicating that our children may do most steps by themselves. The most difficult recipes are indicated by four garlic cloves and when our children are preparing those recipes they will need the assistance of an adult. There are also recipes that have 2 or 3 garlic cloves that fall in-between and require different levels of supervision.

Izzy, Felix, Gabby, Marvin and Ari are the Handstand Kids that guide our children through the cooking process. Each one of these adorable children has a neat story to tell and different eating habits and cooking interests. Out of the five Handstand Kids your children are sure to find one they connect with and relate to making the cooking process more interesting and fun.

The cook book is divided into different sections making the cooking adventure easy. Do your children want to make the traditional Italian dishes that all kids love like spaghetti and meatballs or pizza then check out the "All Kids Love..." section. If you want to encourage your children to create some healthy meals then dive into the "Nutritious and Delicious" section. If your children curious about how they may take the foods or drinks they enjoy now and make them more Italian then hit the "Italianize My..." section. Finally no meal is complete without dessert so the author included a fun "Save Room For..." section. Each recipe clearly indicates what you need to make the dish, has perfect step by step directions for preparation and the end results are YUM.

Handstand Kids Mexican CookbookThere is also a beautiful charitable component in this book. Our children are also encouraged to help others by "Stirring It Up" and using their cooking skills to better the communities they and others live in around the world. Thanks to the information in this book my children are now thinking of holding a bake sale and donating the proceeds to their favorite charity. The author provides our children with great ideas on how they can "Stir It Up" in the book and on the www.handstandkids.com website as well.

Be sure to also check out the Handstand Kids Mexican Cookbook which includes the book and a pot holder and comes in a tortilla bag, available now and the Handstand Kids Chinese Cookbook which includes the cookbook and chopsticks and a comes in a box that looks like a takeout box you get at a Chinese restaurant, available in May.

Handstand Kids Italian CookbookHandstand Kids Italian, Mexican, and Chinese Cookbooks
By Yvette Garfield


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