Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare

Today from I was sent the Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare. The Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare needed assembly, of course, but it was so easy to set-up. After easy-to-follow instructions we were up and playing within 5 minutes. The positive thing I can say is that it is more interactive than the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks, in my opinion.

The downside is that it comes with only one car, but has two lanes. It should come with two pre-packaged cars. Now my son has plenty of other Hot Wheels to use. This toy does not need specific Hot Wheels for it to work. However, for those that may be buying Hot Wheels for the first time and choose this toy, be sure to buy a pack of extra Hot Wheels Race cars (sold separately) to avoid any disappointment if your child wants you to join them in the race - which you will want to do!

This toy is so much fun because you have a timer bridge that automatically lifts when it’s pressed down. Once it lifts, THE RACE IS ON! You press the release buttons on your cars and they shoot down the straightaway into the loop and the first car to escape is captured by a safety crane and whisked safely into the air. The losing car is sent flying off the bridge across the floor, but with no damage to your Hot Wheels.

This toy is for all ages, young and old. It definitely creates potential bonding time with your child. Thank you TimeToPlay and thank you community! I’m DadAtHomeToday and happy playing to you and your children.


What do you think about Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare?

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