Outdoor Colored Bubbles

I received Outdoor Colored Bubbles made by Crayola they are colored bubbles that come in 3 different colors: Purple Pizzazz, Unmellow Yellow, and Fuchsia. My daughters and I were so excited to try these bubbles out. The colors we received were Purple Pizzazz and Fuchsia.

I was a little weary because of the problems these bubbles had last year with staining, but I read the very long warning list and followed all of the directions. We started out with Purple Pizzazz first, and let me say this was not at all what I was expecting. I thought that it would be just like any other bubbles just with some dye in it. The bubble solution is thick and drips heavily when you pull the wand out of the bottle. The bubbles are very easy to blow so that is a plus since I have a 3 year old it does have an age range of 5+.

The purple colored bubbles did work well. You could tell they were purple, but after the first few bubbles the color fades a little. The Fuchsia colored bubbles did not show much color at all for us it was very light. We tried using the bubbles as an art project. The girls blew the bubbles onto a white piece of paper, and they had a ton of fun with it. The colors stood out more then when they blew them into the air. We let the papers dry afterward, and the purple and pink faded a lot. Some of the spots even disappeared. We still had fun with the bubbles, and they are enjoyable with or without color. One of the purple bubbles actually popped in my face, and all the purple dots wiped right off so it is easy clean up. Just make sure before you start having fun you read the labels there are a lot of warnings on what you should not use it on.

It is an outdoor use only toy, and I would recommend having your children wear clothes that you wouldn’t mind if they got stained or dirty.


What do you think about Outdoor Colored Bubbles?

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