The Cooking Club for Kids Chocolate Kit

Thank you again for The Cooking Club for Kids Chocolate Kit. We used it for the first time this afternoon. My kids were delighted as I opened the box. They waiting excitedly in their aprons and cooking hats. The kit included a double boiler for melting chocolate, a ladle for pouring, 3 chocolate molds (bunnies, stars, and hearts), and collectable chocolate recipes. The kit did not include chocolate but does not say that on the box anywhere. I figured that it wouldn’t, so we purchased our chocolates at Michael’s craft store.

The instructions were very user friendly, and my girls were able to do most of the steps independently except for use of the stove. The chocolate melted pretty quickly, and the girls enjoyed pouring the chocolate into the molds. I have to admit, it was very messy, but the girls didn’t seem to mind! After the molds were filled, we placed the chocolate in the fridge for an hour or so. The girls were very excited to show their daddy what they had made!

I would recommend this kit to anyone with children ages 6 and up. It’s a lot of fun, and I plan to purchase more molds so we are able to make chocolate for other holidays. My daughter already said she wants to make candy for her teacher! Thanks again for the fun Time to Play!

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