Hot Wheels Race Rally Water Park Play Set

It’s hard getting my boys to take baths. I don’t know what it is about little boys and soap and water, but it’s a chore just getting them IN to the tub, let alone to actually stay in there long enough to get clean.

We got the Hot Wheels Race Rally Water Park set and my seven year-old (Carter) asked to take a bath that night. What the what?! Okay, score one for the toy. My three year-old tried to get in the tub while Carter was in as well. Two points for the toy.

The set was really easy to put together. In fact, Carter put the entire set together himself. I like how the set floats on the water, but it did take up a fair amount of space in the tub. The boys loved racing the cars down into the water and configuring it so they would crash or fall.

At the top, there is a place to hold two cars side by side, then you pour water into the top cup and the water releases the cars down the track. The cars didn’t really need the water to help them as the lever holding them in place would release them whenever it felt like. I thought that piece could have been a little sturdier, but the boys didn’t care.

For $20, this toy would make a great birthday present or holiday gift, but do note it only comes with one car. After playing with the set for a few weeks now, the boys have lost a couple of pieces (mostly levers guiding the cars) so make sure you attach yours really well and keep on the lookout for loose or missing pieces after bath-time.

My boys gave this toy two thumbs up. As the mom, I thought it was a great bribe to get them in the bath but a little flimsy on the levers and pieces that can detach.

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