Farley and the Lost Bone

What It Is

Farley, the dog from the “For Better or For Worse” comic strip, is enjoying a beautiful spring day, when he remembers that he buried a nice juicy bone during the previous fall. Unfortunately, he cannot remember where. He starts digging in Elly’s newly planted flowerbed but doesn’t find it and gets chased away. Then, he tries a couple of other spots in the yard with no success and is scolded by the other family members. Feeling sad, Farley heads to his special “alone spot.” Well guess what? His special spot is exactly where he buried his bone, and he settles down in the plush green grass to enjoy the treat. When Elly calls Farley in for dinner, he buries the bone again so no one will steal it. Silly Farley once again forgets where he buried it and wanders off into the sunset to find it.

Why It’s Fun

I just had to review this book because “For Better or For Worse” was my absolute favorite comic strip, next to “Family Circus.” I have fond memories of reading it every Sunday in the “funny pages.” Do kids even read the Sunday comics any more? I’m pleased to see that the talented Lynn Johnston is still at her drawing board with Elly, John and the rest of the family. Ms. Johnston’s bumbling Farley character and colorful illustrations make a great picture book that is fun to read whether you know the comic strip or not. And, kids will like the trial and error that Farley goes through looking for his treasured bone.

Who’s Going To Love It

My kids thought it was cute even though they didn’t feel the emotional connection I did. In any event, this is a fun read for the two to seven-year-old set. This book has led me to want to read the Sunday comics once again and I look forward to sharing the experience with my girls.

Reading Time

About 3-4 minutes

Read-It-Again Points

7 out of 10

Book Information

By: Lynn Johnston and Beth Cruikshank
Published by: Andrews McMeel Publishing (2011)
Approximate retail price: $14.99
Publisher’s recommended ages: (not provided)


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