Glow Fusion Bubble Solution

I received the Glow Fusion Bubble Solution from Time to Play the week of Christmas. What a perfect stocking stuffer for my 9 year old daughter! These awesome bubbles come in a black box with bright orange writing which makes them look awesome from the beginning (in our opinion). Right after Christmas, my daughter got very ill and we are still trying to figure out the cause of her illness so it has been hospitals and doctors, and poking and prodding. She has been feeling a little better and was home this past weekend so we got the bubbles out!

There are four pieces to the bubble kit - not just a bottle of bubbles that you open and blow. There are two activator packets with this product. First we have to pour the infusion activators A & B into the bubble solution and stir it with the wand for about a minute. I think this was one of the most exciting parts of the project! Watching the mixture start to glow was very cool! However, we went out in to the dark to blow some bubbles and my daughter was disappointed that the solution did not glow in the bubbles that you blow. The bottle of solution itself glows but the bubbles do not glow in the dark. This was disappointing.

Since it was cold outside, she then decided to blow some bubbles inside. Happily, the solution does not stain anything. We have almost a full bottle of solution left as she was tired of blowing bubbles fairly quickly and the solution only glowed for about 20 minutes. I would rate this product a 6 out of 10. It was exciting at first with the glowing bottle, but a little disappointing that the actual bubbles did not glow. Now we just have a “regular” bottle of bubbles. It might be more fun in the summertime when it is warm outside and you can stay out longer to blow more bubbles, even if they don’t glow.


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