Sesame Street ABC-123 Playland

When I found out I got to review this product, I was really excited. I’m always looking for new, fun toys that my two sons (ages 5 and 10 months) can play together. This Sesame Street ABC-123 Playland is perfect!! The toy retails for approximately $35.

At first I was a bit worried, since the recommended age range on the box is 2-6 years. However, I don’t see any reason why both boys can’t play with it. The balls are the only loose pieces, and they are large enough and soft enough that they don’t pose a problem to my youngest son. The inflated size is bigger than I thought (37 inches x 37 inches x 34 inches), but I’m not sure that children much older than my oldest would fit and enjoy playing in the Playland.

The Playland itself is inflatable, and each section has its own nozzle and inflates separately. The product seems pretty sturdy, but the box came with two patches to use if an area becomes punctured. Since each part inflates individually, if one area breaks the whole Playland isn’t destroyed. It requires an adult to inflate; using an air pump would be easier, but my husband was able to do it without one. Once assembled, two children can fit inside. However, if they were both older children I don’t think it would be much fun as there would not be a lot of room to move. The Playland also comes with 20 balls. They are nice and soft, but it seems like you need more to really fill the bottom area. Also, it was a bit confusing since one side of the Playland has four colored holes to push balls through (red, green, yellow, and blue) but there are only three colors of balls (no green). One side of the Playland has three see-through windows, and the other two sides are openings to crawl in and out.

Assuming the Playland holds up, it should give my boys plenty of fun both inside our house and outside when the weather is nice. The only drawback I can see is the balls; I wish there were more included, and some green ones would be nice. However, I think you could purchase some other generic balls to use and fill the Playland.

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