Splat Art

“Splat Art: Blops and Dribbles in Need of Your Scribbles”, is a fun book with over 200 pages of different color images of everyday items in your child’s life. From a block of cheese, flowers, to even handprint’s, Splat Art has it all. Splat Art truly gets your child’s imagination running wild with the fun ideas inside the book. How about turning an old piece of string into a owl, or some finger prints into flowers?

I invited my niece and nephew to come over and try out Splat Art to see what they would think about it. My nephew picked a page with a block of cheese on it, and my niece a page full of flowers. Each one took the time to study the page before hand, and then they started to draw. I was simply amazed at what they where able to come up with. My nephew came up with a whole story line of mice who where protecting there cheese from an evil kitty from space. He drew mice and of course a kitty at the bottom. He giggled a lot thinking of what each mouse was thinking. When he was done, he had a whole story. My niece wanted to make fairies with her flowers. She loves fairies and really wanted to make this huge screen. She made a whole screen with fairies in flower dresses, and even some of them popping out behind the flowers. Shaylee my niece said “I am very glad you gave me this book because sometimes it is nice to have a start when I am drawing.”

Splat Art is really for any children young or old (yes I am talking about us adults). I made a whole screen of elephants out of hand prints with my almost 4 year old son. Splat Art really turns your imagination into life. I will be buying more of these books and at only 13 dollars a book it is well worth the price. So I give it a 5 out of 5 rating!

200 pages
Color pages
For all ages

The only one I have is that I wish the pages where easier to tear out.

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