I love the game sequence; it has to be one of my favorite boards games. But it is not a game that I am able to play with the younger kids in the household, and I have always been looking for a game with the same idea but something they would understand. Link-O is a board game made by the same creator of sequence, but for children and not adults. Now don’t let that make you think as adults you can not enjoy this game, because that is not true.

Link-O is a fun numbers game that honestly will have you going round and round in a circle. To win the game you have to be the first person to use all your titles and get them around your board. As simple and easy as this sounds, it is harder then you think. I played Link-O with my 8 year old Nephew and 10 year old niece, and I thought I would have the upper edge being 29. Boy was I wrong! Link-O really makes you think about the numbers that are in your hand and how you want to play them. If you have a 0-4, you need to make the choice on what number to lay down next...the 0 or the 4? Each choice you make determines if you will have the right numbers to win or not. In the end my 10 year old niece won the game.

I would recommend this game for ages 8 and up. Even my 8 year old nephew had a hard time understanding it without some in deep explaining on my part. This is not a game for younger kids who do not understand numbers, and number sequences. What I do love about Link-O is that as an adult I also really enjoyed it. Link-O really is a fun family game and I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Easy setup
Few pieces
Easy rules

Hard number sequence
Not for ages six and up like box says

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