Feed the Woozle

What It Is

Feed the Woozle is a cooperative children’s game that consists of completing a common task and being silly while doing it. The game “grows with the players” in that there are 3 different levels you can play the game at. Each level gets progressively more challenging for the players which is why the recommended age range also changes. In general, the point of the game is to “Feed the Woozle”. Children roll a dice ranged 1—3 and then pick up as many corresponding pieces to place on their spoon to feed the woozle (placed 8—10 ft away on the edge of a table). In the 1st level, aimed at ages 3—4 the children may walk or run with the spoon to feed the woozle, if you drop any pieces though, you must leave them on the floor and only feed the woozle what is remaining in your spoon. When you return to the players you then take a yummy card from the pile and lay it out to show how many pieces of food you just fed the Woozle. The game is over when the group has collected all 12 yummy pieces. If you spill too many pieces of food off the spoon on your way to feed the woozle then you won’t have enough to receive the yummy pieces and you won’t win the game! In the other levels of the game you add things to make the game more exciting. Level 2 adds the use of a spinning wheel which has different descriptions of how you’ll need to travel to feed the woozle, for example, bunny hopping, marching, walking backwards etc. The 3rd level includes the use of the spinning wheel as well as using a blindfold!

Why It’s Fun

I think this game is fun for children because they get to feed the woozle all sorts of crazy foods and in later levels of the game, feed the woozle in crazy ways!

Who It’s For

Feed the Woozle is recommended for children ages 3—6.

What to Be Aware Of

The food pieces are relatively small so if younger children are around make sure they don’t get ahold of them.

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