Seeds for the Birds Game

What It Is

Seeds for the Birds is a cooperative children’s game where players try to feed a Mama Bird and her three babies more seeds than the neighboring squirrel. The board is set up as a grid and you randomly lay the square cards around the perimeter. On each player’s turn you choose one square to flip over and then according to the symbol on the square, do the task it requires you to do. A card with seeds on it means you place seeds on the board in the column, row, or diagonally from where you picked up your card, choosing to place the seeds on separate squares, or all on the same square. If you choose a squirrel card then you pick up any seeds in its corresponding direction to feed to the squirrels and likewise if you choose a bird card. Players need to work together deciding where to lay the seeds according to where the tiles are that you think might have birds under them. The object of the game is to feed the mama bird and her babies more seeds than the squirrel. If you do that, then you all win!

Why It’s Fun

The children really seemed to love the fact that they were helping the mama bird feed its babies. It’s a great game to help your child think strategically.

Who It’s For

Ages 3 and up. It was even fun for the parents to play!

What to Be Aware Of

The seed pieces are very small so if you have younger children make sure they stay out of reach.

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