Monster High Monster Maker Machine

I was so excited that I had won the chance to review The Monster High Monster Maker Machine. It is a cute little kit that comes with materials to make 3 dolls. My 9 and 10 year old nieces are huge Monster High fans and I was looking forward to making monsters with them. Well, I have to admit my excitement quickly became a test of patience.

First thing I would like to mention is this toy states it is for ages 7 and up, but this is a project that should be done with an adult. Actually, I ended up putting most of the dolls bodies together because we had some issues with the fabric slipping in the machine. Also, when trying to get the middle connector pieces onto the body I had to be pretty forceful to get the pieces to connect with the extra fabric bunching in between the two parts. After the body is put together you get to add the eyes, clothes and other accessories. This is probably the only part that a child under 9 years old would not need assistance with.

This is a cute craft project and the dolls are really adorable when they are all done. They can be clipped onto a backpack or anywhere since they are pretty small. Unfortunately, I am not sure how long they will last. We had one doll break at the neck area while trying to get the hair piece connected to the head. Also the eyes, mouth, and necklaces are just little stickers that will probably end up falling off (especially if they are clipped to something getting bumped around a lot). I also wish that they sold extra doll kits since after you make the 3 dolls in the package the rest of the kit (the machine part) is useless.

In the end, even though there were some little issues, my nieces are happy to be sporting them on their backpacks and nothing beats a happy kid!


What do you think about Monster High Monster Maker Machine?

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