Hot Wheels Wall Tracks

With three boys in the house, we have a lot of toy cars. Carter even tries to sneak them onto our grocery list when he thinks I can’t see him. One thing I didn’t like about a lot of the race tracks is how much space they take up on the floor. Setting them up and taking them down all the time was too much effort for my lazy boys, so often times it just stayed in the toy box. Now Hot Wheels has solved that problem with Wall Tracks.

Setting up the Wall Tracks was pretty easy. It comes with a template and everything is lettered. The tabs that adhere the tracks to the wall are simply the Command Strips most people use for hooks and holiday stockings, so I knew it wasn’t going to damage anything. We have pretty textured walls so I did have to apply a fair amount of pressure to the strips or they would come off. After figuring out just how hard to push these things on the wall, we haven’t had any more issues of a track falling down. They have been up for 3 weeks with no problems.

When racing the cars we found that depending on the car you used, it would go down the track faster, slower or get stuck. They recommend you using the cars that come included but we have hundreds of these things from the past 13 years or so the boys have been collecting them, so the kids just grabbed their favorites and tested out which worked best.

I love how you can connect them and end up with a massive track if you buy enough of them. We have 2 sets and if we time it right and give a little jiggle, we can have the car jump from one track to the other. With the sets being less than $20, it’s priced just right and even comes with a car included.

The boys love getting to keep their race tracks set up and I love not tripping over them in the middle of the night. Be sure to really press and hold the brackets when setting this up if you have textured walls like we do, or you might have the tracks falling down at random times.

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