Brilliant Creations Beginner Laptop

My daughter is a computer-a-holic. She has an array of “toy” laptops. She loves working along side her daddy and mimic him on his laptop. We were super excited to review the Vtech brilliant creations beginner laptop.

The Vtech brilliant creations beginner laptop comes almost ready to use with no assembly required, you just need to add your own 3AAA batteries. TTP put some in for us.

The design of the Vtech brilliant creations beginner laptop is very sleek and resembles that of a real laptop. The keyboard is the same as the keyboard of a real laptop too which is great for getting little ones ready for computers. It even has a shift key. The LCD coloured screen is a great feature along with the point and click mouse, there is even a real cursor. However, we felt that the screen was far too small and for young little eyes it would be beneficial to have a much bigger screen. There are 80 different learning activities focusing on letters, numbers, counting, matching and much more. The program also gives you a progress report. Another great feature is that it turns itself off if your child accidently leaves it on. It is also very sturdy.

The age recommendation is 4-8; however I think this toy is suitable for about 3-6. My daughter loved her new laptop and feels like she is using the real thing. She loved the graphics and playing the games. We would definitely recommend this toy for any preschooler that has a love for computers too.


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