Handstand Kids Mexican Cookbook

What It Is

As the title hints, this is a cookbook for kids full of Mexican recipes. Handstand Kids are a team of children who love to cook and eat. The recipes are graded according to difficulty on a scale of one to four “avocados,” and offer alternative ingredients to help to expand creativity. The book is divided in four sections: “All Kids Love ...”, “Nutritious & Delicious,” “Mexican-ize My...” and “Save Room For ...”. Brightly colored pictures help to define ingredients and kitchen tools, and the Spanish pronunciation for many items is included.

Why It’s Fun

Who doesn’t love Mexican food? This book is very kid friendly, with great pictures and useful information. And, it’s packaged with a kid-sized oven mitt. My girls and I had fun picking and preparing recipes. I let my 9-year-old cook chicken for the first time and she thought that was awesome! My 6-year-old was our official cheese grater.

The recipes are pretty easy, and ones that kids and parents will likely enjoy. However, I found the instructions to be vague. For instance, the recipe for the “Shredded Chicken Tostada” calls for a “prepared” tostada shell. But, the instructions don’t say how to make one and supermarkets don’t typically sell them. Unfortunately, the nearest Mexican or Spanish food market is about 30 minutes from us, so we improvised with taco shells (whole grain). Also, the dressing calls for one lime, but it doesn’t say what to do with it. We squeezed out the juice. The dressing quantity was way more than what was needed, equalling about a bottle of store bought dressing. I was also disappointed that no nutritional information was provided for any of the recipes, however lower fat and whole grain ingredient alternatives were offered in some cases.

In the end, our experimentation was fun, my kids learned some new skills and we spent some quality time together.

Who’s Going To Love It

Young kids of any age who like to be involved in cooking — and eating — will enjoy this book. As far as adults are concerned, be sure that you are somewhat savvy in the kitchen and have the confidence to ad-lib while cooking.

Read-It-Again Points

7 out of 10

Book Information

Written by: Yvette Garfield; Illustrated by Kim DeRose
Recipes Edited and Developed by: Cricket Azima
Published by: Handstand Kids (2008)
Approximate retail price: $25
Publisher’s recommended ages: 3 to 12


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