Let me start this review by saying this is probably the coolest, yet most unnecessary toy I’ve ever seen. Carter, my seven year-old, is obsessed with zombies. He can play plants vs. zombies on the computer for hours. He even wanted to ask Santa for a chain saw so he could help in a zombie apocalypse. Yeah, he’s got issues. Anyway, when we got the HandRunner, He was in hog heaven! His very own severed zombie hand. What more could a kid ask for?!

The HandRunner has a fan of sorts on it’s palm and allows it to “stick” to the wall via suction. The remote control then moves it so the hand is climbing up and down the wall and moving in every which direction. The fingers are the best part, they move around like a real hand! If the fan wasn’t so loud, you could really scare the snot out of someone. Hard to sneak up on people with a loud fan. The fingers tend to fall off easily but slide right back into place. I was surprised that this worked on our very textured walls. It would only fall off when it hit a picture frame or the light switch.

You can also turn the fan off and let the hand move about your floor. Doesn’t move very well on carpet, even low pile, but is fast and fun on hardwoods and other smooth surfaces. The ages suggested on the box said 8 and up, but I feel the controls are easy enough for a child 5 or 6 and above, especially if they have used any other remote controlled vehicle before.

At $40, this is a pricey gag gift, but if you find it on sale, I’d buy it for your favorite zombie lover. My kids gave it two thumbs up. Well, three if you count the thumb on the toy. ;)

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