Baseball Headz Boardgame

I broke out this game when my 9 year old had three friends over. They had a blast with it. The game is a lot of fun and kept them busy for a few hours.

However, I had to tweak/omit some of the rules. There are two ways to play in the instruction manual. One was easy and one was very detailed and a bit overwhelming to try to remember, we played with rules somewhere in the middle of the two.

There was still a lot to remember and a lot of referencing the book but that is common with a lot of games when played for the first time.

The kids had a great time playing it and it looks like something I could enjoy playing as well. I’d like to add that although it’s a sports game and looks like it is meant for boys, it was three girls and one boy playing and they all enjoyed it once they got the hang of it.


What do you think about Baseball Headz Boardgame?

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