Elizabeth's Favorite Easter Items - Part One

Fun items for this upcoming Easter!

Easter is coming next month!. Here are some FUN items that will tuck neatly into the basket and won't lead to cavities. The great thing about these items is that they are priced well and are fun year round.

1. Hide 'Em & Find 'Em Eggs
Suggested Retail: $14.99 for a 4-pack
Age Recommendation: 2+

Ready for the best game of hide and seek ever? The Hide 'Em & Find 'Em Eggs are adorable toy eggs that someone hides for others to run off and find. Before hiding the Egg push a button on its side and the Egg will sporadically giggle, talk, saying things like” I'm over here,” and making silly noises as you try to find them. When you find your Egg, open it up and you will find a cute bunny or baby chick inside that will say, “You found me!” These are absolutely perfect for any Easter Basket but my 7 year old daughter and I have been having a blast playing hide and seek with the Eggs inside and out for the last two months.

2. Hot Wheels Color Shifters, 2 Pack
Suggested Retail: $5.99
Age Recommendation: 3+

The Hot Wheels Color Shifters look like the awesome hot wheels die-cast cars that we all love but when you dip them in warm and icy water they actually change color. Once the color changes it will stay that way until you dip them in the water again. My kids instantly realized they could customize their cars dipping some parts n warm water and others in ice water. There are 60 different vehicles and loads of different paint jobs. My son has already declared he wants to collect them all. These are another super addition to an Easter basket but will be fun for years to come.


What do you think about Elizabeth's Favorite Easter Items - Part One?

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