Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case

What it is:

An iPhone/ITouch case holder that is basically indestructible and allows your child to use their apps on it.

I had first seen the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case in an ad in my Parenting magazine and was so excited that someone had finally made an iPhone case for babies and toddlers! My child had already damaged mine back at 6 months old from water damage from sucking on it and it was a costly repair, so I was glad to find a case she could play her baby apps on and not break it at the same time. Now that she is 17 months old, and after waiting for the product to come out, I was finally sent one to review and could not wait to try it out!

Set up:

When I first opened the box, I found the setup to be somewhat of a problem. Yes, you have to take your phone out of its original case, but then getting into the apptivity case is a little more challenging than I thought. First, you have to get your phone ready, with the app turned on and ready to go. The reason is that this case does not allow your child to hit the ‘home’ button, which is a plus, but makes it a little difficult when getting it set up! So you have to make sure the app is already going.

The other problem in getting it set up is the second step, which is placing it inside the case. It takes an extra tool, such as a coin or a hard flat object to twist the lock open on the back of the case. And I don’t always have a tool laying around, so for those impromptu moments when you want to quickly have your child play with it, it takes awhile to get it set up and sometimes your child may not have the patience. But once you have twisted it open, you place the phone inside the case facing it out, then put the backing back on and twisting it closed, again with a coin to lock it in place.

Why it’s Fun:

Then once you have it locked in place, your child is ready to go! My child loved playing her apps in the new case and thankfully was no longer able to hit the home button in my old case, which was causing her games to quit and she was not able to start them over again. I love that she can use it and I don’t have to worry that the phone will be damaged. She loves playing with it too! The case also has a few toy teething rings on the side of it, which she plays with here and there but is more appropriate for babies under 12 months. And the other side of the case where the lock mechanism is located has a mirror on it so she can entertain herself on the flip side too. This case is great at restaurants and outings when they are getting restless, and also in car rides too!

Who it’s for:

Ages 6 months and up

What to be aware of:

The set up takes awhile to get it in the case, especially if you have a regular case like my OtterBox that takes awhile to take out, then it takes awhile to put in the Apptivity case as well and you need a coin to open/lock it. It also is difficult to use the home button if needed, but I was able to answer my phone when it rang while inside of it, by pushing ‘answer’ and the ‘speaker’ button.

Overall, I definitely recommend it, especially on trips to the store, restaurants and car rides!

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