Jakks Golden Tee Deluxe Plug & Play TV Game

My kids are video games fanatics. They have wii’s (yes, plural), PS3, DS’s, iPods and more. They love just about anything to do with video games. We got the Golden Tee Deluxe plug-n-play and they couldn’t wait to get started.

Since this is a plug-n-play, you need to make sure your TV has the right inputs for it to work. Most newer TV’s have this, but if you have an older one, you may not be able to use it. It also takes 4 AA batteries.

My oldest boy, Thomas — 12 years old, really liked being able to choose the right clubs and maneuver about to get that perfect shot. He thought the controller itself was a bit small and difficult to get the roller ball to move smoothly at first. After he got used to the size and got the hang of the roller ball, his game improved and so did his mood.

My 7 year-old, Carter, had a much harder time with the game, so I would have to agree with the age range on the game. It stated it was for 8 and up. Younger kids might like to spin the roller ball, but to get the ball to actually go on the green in the game is much harder for them.

The price was a bit steep at $40, but if you got this as a gift or found it on sale, it would be a great addition to your video games. Adults would love this game too as I remember playing the arcade version back in my college days at the pub.

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