Spooner Board

We got quite the surprise a couple weeks ago with an early snow storm in Colorado. Our old sled was broken so the boys were a little upset. I had just gotten two Spooners in for review so I thought we’d test them out in the snow.

Spoonerboards.com has a lot of videos to watch to see how to use them, which proved helpful as we opened up the package and thought, “what is this?!” It’s basically a molded piece of plastic with some no-slip strips on one side. Sort of looks like a cross between a skateboard with no wheels and a sled.

We bundled the boys up and took them outside. The snow we had that day was heavy, soft and very wet. The spooners seemed to just sink into the snow, rather than slide down. The boys ended up using them to rock and spin on the pavement in our garage that day.

After the snow melted we decided to see if we could “sled” down our grassy hill. Again it just sort of sunk into the grass. Our grass was longer and still damp from all the snow we had so we decided to test it again once it was cut and dry.

Another snowstorm moved into Colorado and this one was a lot colder, so the snow was perfect for sledding. This time the spooners did what I had hoped and the boys careened themselves down the hill over and over.

I wouldn’t recommend these for indoor use, unless you have a smooth, low pile carpet. Once they get on pavement the bottom gets roughed up quite a bit and can snag longer carpet or scratch your hardwood or tile floors. They work best on smooth concrete.

This toy surprised me. I thought it was too simple of a concept to be any fun, but the boys enjoyed playing on them. At $40 for the smaller board and $50 for the larger one, it was a bit pricey for the amount of use it would get in our house, but it’s not extremely overpriced either.

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