MindFlex Duel

My boys saw the original MindFlex game last Christmas and started begging for it. It was pricey and I didn’t think they would be interested in using it more than a couple times, so I held off. Recently I was sent the MindFlex Duel to review, so the boys were very excited.

The first thing I noticed was all the little plastic parts. There were a lot and assembly is required, but the base unit does come in one piece. The parts can be moved around in any configuration but my boys decided to copy the picture on the box.

After getting batteries installed, in both the game itself and the head units, the “course” was set up and the boys were ready to duel. They played and laughed and really seemed to enjoy the toy. They rearranged the course a few times and even had the neighbor kids over to have family duels and tournaments.

After a couple weeks, the game lost it’s luster and has been sitting, untouched. It does seem to lose the “excitement” rather quickly and for $99.00, that’s an expensive paperweight. If you got this on sale or your kids are really into trying to figure out how it works, they may play with it a bit longer than mine did.

Overall, it’s a fun toy while the kids are in to it, but the novelty wears off quickly.

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