Spongebob Tub Adventures Set

My son loves Spongebob Squarepants. I actually think he is pretty fun too (except for the theme song that ALWAYS gets stuck in my head), so we were excited to review The Spongebob Tub Adventure set from Matchbox.

The set comes unassembled. With some minor help from dad, my seven year old was able to put the set together himself. My son loves building things so this was definitely part of the fun for him. The directions are the picture type and although I prefer when there are words with the pictures, we did not have any problems putting the set together.

This Matchbox set is different from most because it is meant for bath time fun. It includes two suction cups that adhere to the bathtub wall so the child can play with it during bath time. There are fun obstacles to play with including a ramp, a ring of fire and a detachable water bucket. The main problem we had with this set is that the suction cups didn’t work very well for us. My son would be having fun playing with the included Spongebob boat through the obstacles, when the entire set would fall into the bathtub. We tried several times and different ways to stick the suction cups but after a few baths and dozens of falls into the tub my son declared that this set is “just too frustrating”.

The Matchbox Spongebob Tub Adventure would make a fun bath time toy if it stayed put, but for us it became annoying to have to keep reattaching it to the wall. My son may still play with the set outside the tub with his regular Matchbox sets, but its days as a bathtub toy in this house are through.

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