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Before They're Rockstars, They're Kids

I remember my parents having friends over for dinner. When we all finished eating the adults stood in the kitchen for hours and we ran down to the basement for fun kid time.

One of our favorite things to do when we went down to the basement was create our own band and jam. Guitars, drums, you name it we had it and were making loads of noise... Ummm, I mean music. Until my brother and I started music lessons we had toy instruments that had very poor quality sound, some old guitars that had been handed down by our folks and used brooms and other household items as stand in instruments and microphones. Sometimes we would play along to our favorite songs and sing at the top of our lungs. Other times we would lip sync and pretend to be playing our instruments. We also created our own songs.

These are such great memories. Once I had children I started plotting out their musical debuts. Music is a great way for children to express themselves and performing in front of friends and family helps them build self confidence. Since music has so many benefits for children and is so fun, I knew I wanted to have an area in our house where my children would be excited to play music. After searching for the perfect instruments for my children, I found First Act Discovery, a line of great musical instruments designed (and priced) especially for children. The First Act instruments are real, not toy, instruments that have authentic sound and feel. However, they are scaled down to the size of our children to make play more comfortable and less frustrating. In addition, the First Act Discovery line also offers a Learn and Play system that gives step by step instructions to learn how to play the guitar, drums and more.

Our first purchase was the 5-Piece Drum Set. I know that it sounds crazy to actually buy a loud drum set for my own children but kids love drums and drums truly are a great way to begin learning music. To play drums, children just have to be able to hold a stick and tap to a beat. Other instruments require skill and lessons to get the desired sounds. My kids loved the drums and so did all of their friends. As I expected, my kids' response to music was amazing. They spent a great deal of time playing and experimenting on the drums and started asking for more instruments and music around the house.

The fun and excitement continued to build as my children played more music. My daughter asked to hang a curtain so she could have a proper stage. We tied a piece of thick yarn up close to the ceiling and hung a sheet over the yarn and the stage was born. Shortly after that we added a Keyboard and Guitars key to round out the band. The First Act instruments make superior sound to the toy instruments in the market and since they are real instruments they made the play experience authentic for my children and their friends.

Now play dates at our house are completely rocking. My children and their buddies are having a blast imagining and dreaming about the day they make it big... And I say to them, you know what? The sky is the limit! Check out the whole line. Here are my favorites.

First Act Discovery 5-piece Jr. Drum Set icon
MSRP: $99
Age: 4-10 yrs old

First Act Discovery Camo (boy & girl options) Portable Electric Guitar icon
MSRP: $69
Age: 4-10 yrs old

First Act Discovery 49-Key Electric Keyboard icon
MSRP: $39
Age: 4-10 yrs old


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