The Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker

We got to review the The Incredible SHRINKY DINKS Maker. I remembered making shrinky dinks in my oven as a little kid so I was excited to try this out with my 5 year old son. I was also looking forward to trying this out because it seemed a lot safer then how I did it as a kid in the oven.

We received the Shrinky Dinks maker in the mail and right away my son’s eyes lit up. He didn’t know at the time what Shrinky Dinks were but any new toy is reason for joy. We sat down and read the instructions together so he would have an idea of what to do. After we were done reading, I grabbed the light blub to insert. The screws were a little hard to get off since my interchangeable head screwdriver wouldn’t fit into the back, so I had to find a regular skinny one. Also when I finally got the back off, it seemed a little hard to get the light bulb in because of the cord. It might be that you can pull the cord more but it did not feel like it to me. I was afraid of ripping the cord out of the machine.

After the light bulb went in we plugged in the Shrinky Dinks maker and let it warm up. While it was warming up we went through the templates we could trace to make our shrinky dinks. There were quite a few choices which I liked. My son chose a car and off he went to trace it on to the shrinky dink paper. The paper that was included was great. It was really easy to trace, even with templates that had smaller lines.

After tracing, we moved onto coloring. The Shrinky Dinks maker came with three colored pencils which is really not enough to me. At least all the basic colors would have been better. My son colored the car and we cut it. By this time the Shrinky Dinks maker was hot enough to do its job. We put the shrinky dink on its tray and inserted it into the bay. After being inserted into the bay we watched through the viewing window on top to watch the shrinky dink shrink. After it was laying flat we pulled the timer back which sent the tray into the cooling drawer. I loved that the cooling drawer locks once the timer is set and doesn’t unlock until the timer stops.

After the timer stopped, we opened the cooling drawer and had our shrinky dink! My son was entranced with how small and hard it got. I loved that he didn’t go near a hot oven but got to do shrinky dinks like I did as a kid. At the end I loved this maker. It is a great way to do Shrinky Dinks without the worry of the oven. So here are my Pros and Cons.


  • Easy to trace templates and you can even use pictures/templates online
  • Cooling drawer locks so no little hands getting excited and grabbing hot shrinky dinks
  • Easy to use for kids. My 5yr old needs supervision but a 7-8 yr would be fine
  • The Shrinky Dinks maker doesn’t get that hot (not as hot as oven)


  • Only came with three colored pencils
  • Light bulb was a little difficult for me to get in
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What do you think about The Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker?

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