Spy Gear - Spy Night Scope

Spy Gear is hot right now in the Casa de Vanek. We have an older pair of high powered night vision goggles from a few Christmases ago. They were big, bulky and expensive. When we received the Spy Gear Spy Night Scope goggles, I thought they would be expensive too, but they are super affordable at only $20.

These were quite the hit, not only with my own kids, but with their friends and our neighbors as well. It seemed everyone wanted to turn out the lights in our basement and test them out. While they are “night vision” you can only see a few feet in front of the scope in total darkness, even with the pop-out light. In partial darkness, if you had a dim light on, or light from another room, you can see quite well with these.

The light can stay inside the goggles or pop out. The boys can’t agree on which way works the best, but I think it’s when the light is popped out, sort of lighting the area from above. They can agree that they thought the area you see through, the actual lenses, should be larger.

All in all, this is a great gift idea for your kids if they enjoy anything to do with being a spy. The price is perfect and it’s another great product from a trusted brand.

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