Hot Wheels Haul and Race

My boys love cars, especially Hot Wheels. We received the Hot Wheels Haul and Race and they instantly got excited. This is no ordinary Hot Wheels toy, it’s a large semi with a ramp, storage area and even a button to let the cars fly.

Carter (the seven year-old) quickly grabbed his other cars to race the one that was included in the set. He chose carefully as he wanted a close race. The ramp is easy to set up, even our three year-old was able to figure it out quickly. I’d like to say that they each waited patiently for their turn and share the toy nicely. The cars went down the ramp with ease. We notice that the metal cars did better than any plastic cars that we had, also cars that weren’t too wide worked better than those that had various parts that stuck out to the side.

Unfortunately this Hot Wheels truck was such a hit, they fought over it all evening.

All three of my boys, ranging in ages from three to twelve liked this toy. It was well made, a brand we trust and easy to use. The boys did wish it came with more than one car to race down the ramp. Otherwise it’s a great toy at a great price of $14.99.

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