Hot Wheels Revolution Stunt Park

I received a Hot Wheels Rev Ups Revolution Stunt Park from Time to Play with Jim and Chris. Upon arrival, I was just as excited as my twin 4 year old son’s to open the box and start playing! Assembling the Revolution Stunt Park was pretty easy. It took me about 10 minutes to set-up, and that was with trying to find all of the parts as my boys were playing with them!

The Rev Ups are designed for kids ages 4+ according to the box. The tracks are certainly sturdy enough to withstand the hands of a 4 year old. One of my son’s tried to “wind up” the car (1 is included in the set), but we quickly realized that all you have to do is push the car to get the gears going. The problem is, if you push the car too quickly, the gears click and it won’t power the car. A little frustrating for a 4 year-old (and me too). When we got the car revved up and on the track, that’s when the “magic” began. The race car climbed the tracks through twists and turns without falling off the track! All 3 of us were very impressed, it turns out there are magnets in the car and tracks to make it “stick” to the tracks — very cool! The best part was the 360 degree swing arm that swings the car in a loop that attaches to the rest of the track. I think all 3 of us liked this feature the most!

Overall, the Hot Wheels Rev Ups Revolution Stunt Park is the perfect action set for kids new to race tracks. It is durable enough for rough hands, and it will provide hours of fun!

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