MEGA Bloks Blok Squad

We saved this to give to my daughter for her 9th birthday. She is quite the Tom-Girl type and loves everything that looks or works like Legos. This is our first experience with the Blok Squad items and she was THRILLED when she opened the package.

The picture on the outside is great! However ...Upon dumping out the pieces ...Whoo!!! There were MANY!! And some of them VERY TINY. The recommended age is 5+ but I think it would be a little frustrating for a 5 year old. The directions are pretty accurate and she was able to follow them on her own pretty well. She had me help her separate and find pieces. She claimed that she liked this kit better than Legos because it was more challenging ... and that it is!

She has put together a few of the vehicles but still hasn’t completed the entire building. I think she got overwhelmed with it and set it aside for a while. I’m sure it will be completed but I would rate it more for 8 and up. Pieces are nice and sturdy ... Packaging is great! Thank you for sharing it with us!!!

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