Hex Bug Nano Hive Habitat

Hex Bugs, I have a love/hate relationship with this things. Mostly love, just hate when the boys forget to turn them off and we go through so many batteries! I received the Hex Bug Nano Hive Habitat and was delighted to see that it came with a Hex Bug Nano included. Good thing it did because we were down to only one or two Nanos left that had working batteries and I was fresh out of replacements.

Carter was thrilled when we opened up the hive and a real bug was inside! A teeny tiny little beetle had stowed away somewhere along the trip to our house. We named him “buggy” and Carter tried to get him to go up and down the platform along with the hexbugs. Needless to say “buggy” said the heck with that and split. After a few tears, I assured my son that hexbugs were way more fun than real bugs and he was back smiling and playing.

The Hive Habitat is really cool. You can place extra pegs, ramps, spinners and more to create a maze or obstacle course for your bugs. They even let you attach other Hex bug kits to it to create an infinite amount of possibilities for construction. When you are done, the entire hive folds up and is super portable and easy to store. If I were to change anything about it, I would make the ramp a little wider for the bug to get to the 2nd level as our guy kept getting stuck.

All three of my boys gave this toy two giant thumbs up. I like it as well because the boys can play with it quietly and there are no annoying sounds. Well, except when the bug gets stuck under your fridge and you spend 30 min trying to figure out what that horrible loud vibrating sound is and then how to retrieve it, but that could just be at our house.

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